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Discgolf ground Krpacovo

Our discgolf ground is on world level and is here for everyday use.

The ground has 12 solid discgolf baskets that are located 60 – 150 m from each other. Baskets are arranged by a discgolf architect with the purpose to make the ground unique by using surrounding forests, terrain and lake.

There is also information tab with the map of the entire ground. The players also carry small maps that include key words and short directions. Besides map and discs, players also carry a score card.

Varrying terrain near disc fly path offers more challenging, but also more enjoying game. There are opportunities for beginners and experts, and a big advantage is that players do not need any entry investment.

Departure place: nature

Lengh of ground: 1033 m (3389 ft)

Par: 39

Alternate lenght: 0 m (0 ft)

Commenced: 2015

Disc Golf is a game suitable for every